The main objective of thermography is finding all types of breakdowns in time. This is the only applicable technology for photovoltaic energy which includes three types of maintenance. We provide regular analysis where we observe the development of each component in the station, drawing up a report about the current situation.



Revising all electrical components and photovoltaic panels of your plants, avoiding large repair costs.


We repair all problems that may occur installation replaces the affected items, ensuring perfect park.


We conducted an evaluation and study of discrepancies and we guarantee a progressive decrease in the same.



We oversee daily plant status (management of notices, messages and alarms) and incident reports and perform monthly and annual production.


We control your park 24 hours with a remote viewing system and installed security mechanisms. Direct contact with the security company.


We prepare monthly and annual reports with the main developments and we permamente contact responsible for maintaining their plant.


Visits to the solar power plant

We make a first contact with the plant to locate the main problems and understand its shaping in order to make a specific methodical supervision.

Evaluation of results

They are held all revisions necessary to locate the cause of the problem, making a detailed report of its causes and solutions.

Personalized advice

The best solutions to technical and economic level offered, avoiding similar or greater magnitude of problems, and that would involve large repair costs.


Contact with suppliers

In order to improve different aspects of the station: reducing costs, increasing liability and performance.

Breakdown management

All repairs and replacements of the damaged components are managed (solar collectors, meters...)

Coordination of material

We are in touch with international leading companies which supply the necessary material and replacements.